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HotelAnet Provides and Guarantees Complete Service to the Hospitality Industry
  • Wired broadband installed in every room with no construction

  • Wireless broadband blanketed throughout the hotel, including restaurants, patios, pools, lobbies and meeting rooms.

  • Secure and always on internet access for your guests

  • Wireline and Wireless access
  • User Name and Password Controlled

  • Internet ISP Connection

  • 24/7 Maintenance Support

  • Hotel Front Desk Interface and Control

  • Convenient Lease Financing Packages

  • Congestion Free – Always On Internet


HotelAnet enables wireless and wired internet service in every hotel roomHotelAnet enables wireless and wired internet service in every hotel room utilizing the highest quality of materials, systems, back up systems and installation procedures.  We insure the very best always on, always fast internet service for your guests.  HotelAnet, in partnership with AttivaCorp®, Telkonet, Inc., McLink, s.r.l., Valtellina, s.rl., MICOS, s.r.o., and Timing Praha s.r.o., is a local company bringing you guaranteed system performance. We provide 4 Tiers of maintenance support on a 24/7 basis. 

And best of all, we do so without construction work in your hotel. 

Utilizing the latest and most sophisticated Power Line Carrier equipment, the HotelAnet blankets the entire hotel with high speed wireless internet service.HotelAnet system provides internet service to your guests in the privacy of their rooms through use of existing electric wires.  HotelAnet then blankets the entire hotel with high speed wireless internet service.  Your guests have free choice of movement between wired and wireless at their convenience.  All connections are absolutely secure.  Normal bandwidth speed achieved in each room ranges from 2 to 4 megabits per second.  We utilize patented Telkonet Power Line Carrier (PLC) equipment, specifically designed for hotel applications.  This equipment is proven technology and is operating in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the UK and Latin America. 

In the room at the desk is a small modem which carries data to and from the network across wires contained within the wall of the hotel.  In the remainder of the hotel is a blanket of high speed always on wireless internet, available only to your guests.

We would be proud to be your partner.